Monday, April 11, 2011

Chapter 16- Integrating market cummunications

 Coca-cola has become what it is today because the company puts an emphasis on its promotional strategy. As any individual knows, having a great product or number of products is many times not enough for a company to expand make profit or even to survive.
When discussing a company’s promotional strategy the elements included are the elements that communicate the company with its targeted market. Advertising, public relations, personal selling and sales promotion make up a company’s promotional strategy. Coca cola spends a lot of time money and human resources in order to stay superior to the competition in the field of promotional strategy, thanks to the understanding of the importance of this communication to its target market coca-cola has always been very innovative with its use of advertising and through public relations have connected with their consumers and have created a feeling of togetherness.
Coca-cola spends millions of dollars a year on advertising, the company has its name and logo on many billboards around the world in the most prime locations, an example of this type of advertising can be found in the famous Picadili square in London, coca-cola have been on a billboard in Picadili since 1955 and it is seen by the many tourists and local which flock Picadili all year round. Coca-cola also has very unique commercials on television and has always connected to their consumers through strong story telling.
Public relations-
coca-cola project an iconic image, the company makes commitments to make a positive difference in the world, the social responsibility of coca-cola is shown by their pursue to provide clean drinking water to communities in Africa, coca-cola also have evolved their commitment to recycle and have transformed all their factories to be able to recycle all of their waste water and return it to the environment in order to support aquatic life. Coca-cola also encourage exercise and calorie burn in western societies through school programs, because of this commitment 25% of coca-cola products are low calorie and the content is increasing. Because of its controversial health benefits coca-cola have also committed not to advertise to children.
Sales promotion-
Through involvement in many events in which coca-cola provides samples and prizes of their product coca-cola may increase the immediate demand in their products, an example of a sales promotion that occurred recently is when coca cola teamed up with the rock band Maroon 5 in a 24 hour live session in order to create a song for the band, in this event coca-cola advertised provided funding and also its products, another sales promotion occurred when coca-cola zero partnered with the film Avatar in order to promote the brand and also the film, this partnership led to events special merchandise and very innovative ads.
Personal selling-
Through its advertising and public relations coke has formed a personal connection with its consumers, consumers whom recognize coca-cola commitment to society for example may feel they should buy the company’s products and help the society because if they provide coca-cola with their business others will benefit because coca-cola will continue contributing to others.   

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