Friday, February 25, 2011

continuation to chapter 4- target market

As stated previously coca cola targets a very wide market and there are products available for different genders ages and classes, however different products are meant to target  different markets which will potentially be more attracted to specific items, cola-zero is an example of a relatively new product introduced by coke around the globe starting 2004, cola-zero targets mostly males who belong to generation Y,this is because the concept of a soft drink that has less calories appeals to young adult males whom are interested in their appearance and are intimidated by diet cola because it is considered a feminine drink. Coke found the formula of offering a low calorie drink to men and it came in the form of cola-zero.the black and red colors used on the cola zero bottle along with the fact that the product has sponsored countless Nascar races and played a role in advertisements for "quantum of solace" the latest James bond film clearly indicate that men are the main target for the product.

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