Monday, February 21, 2011

Week 4- Marketing Environment

Coca Cola is a global company that has been active since 1886. Throughout the years the company has witnessed many changes in society and had to adept to changes in pepole's needs, attitudes and different financial situations.
By puting an emphasis on brilliant marketing, Coca Cola created a wide and diverse target audience all over the world.
The company's market is devided in two, the retailers ans the consumers.  For their retail market such as restaurants, convenience stores and hotels, Coca Cola market from the largest compenies such as Walmart to a small super market in a third world country.
For their consumers market the company examines society in four different aspects.
 Demographic Factors-

Age- Coca Cola targets all ages. For youngsters Coke is considers a cool drink that everybody loves. For adults Coke is a classic drink which they grew up drinking, provides a familiar taste from the past.
Income- Coca Cola's products are not introduced to a specific class. Its affordable and inexpensive. Their products are suited to everybody, from a teenager with no income to a rich successful business man.
Ethnicity- People from different cultural backgrounds are aware of Coca Cola's products, and even pair them with their traditional food. For example, from the country I come from, Israel, the most traditional food, Hummus, is very popular to be eaten while drinking Coke.
Location- Where there are people there is Coca Cola. Some might think the saying is exaggeration, however, according to a show i watched on CNBC and other related articles, it is well known that even in the most remote, undeveloped villages anywhere in the seven continents Coca Cola can be found.


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