Monday, March 21, 2011

Chapter 17- Advertising and public relations

Coca cola use many methods of advertisement and the company spends a significant amount of money in order to be seen on billboards, magazines, television and  on the internet. Coca-cola sponsors many events around the world; events that are sponsored by coca-cola include many social and cultural backgrounds, through sponsoring large events coca-cola not only advertises its product but their name to, this is called institutional advertising.  Through their commercials on the television and other sources of media coca-cola focuses on product advertising, the company targets a wide range of market, coca-cola advertises all around the world, in different countries the advertisements will be in the languages spoken in those countries and that is one way of enhancing the targeted market.
Coca cola is known for their innovative and creative commercials, most events on prime time will have coca-cola commercials in the intermissions, the Super Bowl which is one of the events with the highest rating in the United States and has the highest cost for a commercial spot (ranging at around 3 million dollars for 30 seconds) often has coca-cola commercials, when people watching the super bowl see Coca-Cola's creative commercials they remember how appealing coca-colas products are.

Coca-Cola uses the mediums through which they advertise in a clever way because through their advertising they find a way to be appealing to a large range of generations, coca-cola has an image which it tries to highlight in most of their commercials, that image is the image of a close friend or relative who is there on the holidays, during the holiday season coca-cola always wishes holiday greetings on their commercials to everyone, images of Santa-Claus drinking coke are also an image booster for Coca-Cola, the brilliant advertising methods of coca-cola is a big part of the company’s global success, when a new coca-cola commercial is aired, rumors travel and soon enough they become a “must see”.


  1. When it comes to softdrinks Coca cola has the most numerous ads around the world. So far they have been airing like 2 to 3 different commercials daily. Isn't that expensive?

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