Monday, March 28, 2011

Chapter 18- Sales promotion and personal selling

Coca cola spends a lot of money advertising and even though the brand name is very popular Coca cola still uses consumer sales promotion in order to attract new customers and also to provide their existing customers with an incentive to purchase more of their product. Coca cola sponsors many events and uses those stages to promote sales, when coca cola sponsors a sporting event for example, it usually raffles tickets in some of their bottles and cans, this is great promotion because it applies to many different social classes, from less fortunate people whom may not be able to afford tickets to events and buy coke in order to try and win, these raffles are fun and provide friendly competition amongst peers. I remember when I was younger, growing up in Israel, coke promoted itself by giving discount prices to a specific water park to whomever arrives with a certain amount of caps, and we would all buy coke instead of anything else available because we all wanted what the premium offered us. In the present coke provides a similar promotion to six flags amusement parks during the summer in the United States.

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