Monday, March 7, 2011

Chapter 6- Consumer desicion making

Consumers of the beverage industry have a wide variety of brands to choose from. However when thinking soda many people will choose coca-cola, what makes coca-cola the leading brand and an obvious brand to consider when an individual is in need of a soda is that coca-cola is out there, it arouses the stimulus of individuals. The stimulus can either be external stimuli which are the influence of advertisement, recommendations, or the look of the brand. The other stimulus aroused is internal and occurs with the realization of the feeling of thirst and the fact the costumer wants to quench it.
In the cases were the stimulus is aroused coca-cola has an advantage over its competitors and can often sway consumer decision making in they’re direction. This is because coca-cola is available in many places and is known by different cultures, when thinking about the external stimuli aroused in an individual we can clearly understand coca-colas edge, wither through recommendations from friends and family, advertisement which is difficult to avoid and also the association of the brand with high quality. Through these methods coca-cola has become what people from different spectrums of society visualize when they think soda.
Coca cola has made a name for itself throughout the past 150 years and continues pursuing new and old marketing techniques, coca-cola succeeds in retaining its “classic” past and also progressing into the future and remaining a part of people’s needs. The pursuit of active marketing brings coca-cola up to date with changes in consumer behavior. The company also promotes itself by cooperating with companies such as six flags, coca cola arouses youngsters especially those who belong to generation y or the twin’s generation to drink coke collect cans and they will gain entry into the amusement parks.

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